Pick your Poison

It’s always difficult to choose a path. Good or bad, right or wrong, walked or undiscovered. It’s always difficult. But you do. You don’t or rather you can’t walk on both. You have to choose one. You have to pick your poison.

Off lately I have had a few people in my life who gave me difficult options to choose from. And the options that I have is either to fight with them, get all hot-headed with the shouting and crying or simply stop caring and giving shit about such people by ignoring them. To be honest I have tried both.

The thing is I hate people coming up after years of silence and acting as if they care about me. I mean you can’t just turn up after years and decide that now you give a shit about my life. I want to ask a question to all of them, where you were at my times of need, or when I was happy. Do you know what makes me happy now, what is my favorite color and food?

I agree we might have been close friend, relative or confidant at some point in life. We might have spent some good times together which are still good memories for me. But I have grown as a person since the last time we possibly were close. One seriously can’t expect to barge into my life after 10 years of silence or 10 months for that matter and demand my time or my attention. I understand it is not possible to talk every day as we all are busy building our lives brick by brick, one day at a time. But the least you could have done was to maintain continuous contact to be in my life.

Since the last time we saw or talked to each other I have evolved into another person. So now you demanding things or space or asking personal questions makes me uncomfortable. Sure, I am familiar with your name and your face, but I am not familiar with you. And so now you are no different than a stranger to me. And as far as I go, I don’t share stuff with strangers. So if you have maintained a distance from my life for some time please continue doing so. I don’t hate you, it’s just that you no longer matter to me. I am indifferent to you.

In such situations one can pick either to fight and try to mend ways with the estranged friend, relative or confidant; or you can simply keep silence and ignore them. Both are poisonous options. Why poisonous? As either way you’ll be the bad guy at the end of the day. As you fought or you ignored. As much you would like to mend ways and keep the person close, you can’t as things will have changed tremendously between the both of you.

So, whatever the case maybe, you have to pick your poison.


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