Being Unemployed

After 2 years of total working, I finally gave in my forced voluntary resignation a few weeks ago due to some family needs. No the Titanic wasn’t drowning and they didn’t need me to save it!!! But what needs to be done has to be done. So I stepped down the throne of employment to get the title of being “unemployed” (Even though it is a temporary situation).

Okay, so now the boss is replaced by parents, handing out tasks for the day the moment I step out of my room; nosy colleagues replaced by neighbors and the office confidant replaced by my fiancé. I getting bored tend to make him irritated. I wonder why? Maybe it is because I eat his head too much. We actually had a 20 minutes discussion over “Bhakri” (Indian bread). Can’t believe what topics we talk about.

I thought a break would do me good. I could focus on myself, read more and attempt to write, exercise, learn to cook (Ok, so I rolled my eyes at the last one!). But I got bored on the very second day of my splendid break. Roaming the house without purpose tends to get a bit boring. I’ve watched so many movies in the past 15 days than I have watched in the past year. Hell, I’ve even watched 4 movies in the same day. I’ve started religiously reading again. I now finish a novel in like two days, which I haven’t been able to do in the past six months or so. Re-watched the entire “Friends” series, day-dreamed about random stuff I don’t remember, stare at the wall and sleep like Kumbhkarana now. (Kumbhkarana is an Indian Mythological Character who had been cursed and he used to sleep 6 of the 12 months at a stretch.)

Well, my parents have taken this little situation in their stride and make me the “Princess in training”. I am now torn between the teachings of my father and my mother. My father being the most responsible and organized person I have ever seen wants me to learn all outside work like bank work, maintaining documents, packing to name a few and my mother is hoping to take a challenged girl (who by the way is awkward with spices and utensils) in her stride and magically turn her into some sort of a Master Chef. I doubt that seriously. I mean I do cook now but out of compulsion and not by interest. I don’t see myself searching and watching cooking videos rather I’d be someone who will start watching some stand-up comedy video and end up watching some cat video for like an hour or so, wondering what life will bring up next.

I wasn’t the employee of the year or so. But I worked. I had some purpose, getting up every day and going to work. As they say “An empty mind is the devil’s playground.” I figure mine will be the devil’s city at the least. It becomes difficult for people around me as I turn to be a tad bit tempered. I randomly start shouting and bickering just because I am bored now. I throw tantrums at home (yes, even at this age.). Basically I am doing a great job at pissing everyone off.

But well, I got to say this, staying at home and working takes a lot more time. The work never ends. There’s always the plants that needs to be watered, 4 times food to be prepared, furniture to be cleaned, car to be washed, groceries to be bought, get cash from the ATM, add phone number on my father’s mobile, charge my mother’s mobile,(Well at this age both my parents are technologically challenged) pick up my mother from her friend’s place. Oh, there’s just so much work.

Initially, I wanted to work for a few years and then start pursuing my hobbies, travel the world, do other artistic work (yes, well i am a bit filmy and live in my own world, where everything seems to be happy happy). But I got to say that isn’t happening anymore. I feel Being Unemployed is really hard for me.