Paint your Nails

This isn’t the regular article or post about women’s day or that how strong we women are.

Actually it’s quite the opposite. Yesterday morning when I woke up I had like 15 Whatsapp messages wishing me “Happy Women’s Day” and none today. And I sat there thinking why it is only on that particular day, that I am being acknowledged as a woman? Am I any less of a woman on the rest 364 days?

No offence to anybody, but I feel that in today’s world we have become so busy in proving that females are equivalent or greater than their male counterpart. Why can’t we just go on with our lives peacefully instead of creating such a havoc about feminism? I mean what is so wrong about being feminine or not for that matter. I myself am not that “girly” but I don’t feel there is anything wrong in being one. Why is there this constant need of labeling or categorizing ourselves? What do we really want to prove?

Recently I was going through my Facebook feed, and I saw a photo of few middle-aged women clad in sarees with a caption that they are working for ISRO and how we would have judged them as housewives based on their dressing. I thought why to define them? I don’t think these women have such time in their lives to click a selfie and post on social media sites with hashtags like, #indianclothes #workingwomen #feminism. They are simply going on with their lives, doing their job taking care of their families. It is us who are so desperate to be called feminists and that we are equal and proud to have a vagina. Others who actually work equally, quietly do their work. They don’t feel the constant need of updating others of their lives.

Gosh! If we are seriously so equal and proud of ourselves, do we really need to march around shouting that we have vagina and we are proud about it. I am also of the same “XX chromosome”, but all these feminist talks choke me. One way we say that we are equal then why do we resist getting our hands dirty? When it comes to changing the tires, why do we search for male counterparts? If we really are equal why don’t we step out of our houses without make-up?

For everybody out there, if you really want to respect your female counterparts don’t just send them a cake or card on Women’s day. In fact, celebrate it every day. Make them feel cherished and loved every day. And specifically for females, just love yourself and don’t try too hard to prove anything. Paint your nails or paint the world, it doesn’t matter as long as you are happy. Just be yourself!


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